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The Pandemic has brought in a lot of stress as work from home is common and routine of eating hydration and sleep have gone for a toss due to this the effects are visible on skin and hair where skin becomes dull and looses its glow. In normal times skincare was convenient where one would enter a salon or skin clinic and the rest would be taken care by the experts. But today with the restrictions of movement and sitting long hours in front of screens whether laptops or television the UV rays emitted by these devices are direct damage to the skin.

So it becomes very important to start a skincare routine that maintains the skin. The simplest one is CTM where it is self done without too many fancy products.

Cleansing should be done in the morning and before bed time, where by using a it helps by removing excess oil, grime and dirt that is accumulated on the skin. The cleanser should be skin in circular movements. This product selected as per your skin type as we can choose a cream or water based cleanser as per the skin type.

Toning which is a step after cleansing helps to maintains the PH balance and refreshes the skin. Toner’s can be either sprayed on skin or it can be taken on cotton and dabbed on the skin. As skin types are different and hence toner’s need to selected as per one’s skin type where a oily skin would need a astringent based toner while a dry and sensitive skin would need refreshing toners that are san’s alcohol.

Moisturizing is a important part as it helps to nourish the skin and forms a protect barrier, it also helps to balance the oil and water content in skin. Moisturiser’s need to be applied over the toner as it would improve the spread and absorption.

Sunscreen using a sunscreen daily even if indoors is also important as it protects the skin from the damage of UV rays, even though we are indoors laptop screens and strong yellow lights emit harmful UV rays hence daily usage of sunscreen would help reduce the damage done by these UV rays. Sunscreen should be applied as layer on the skin it does not have to be absorbed into the skin. Selection of the sunscreen can be done as per the skin type.

In a weekly routine one could add the procedure of exfoliation and mask. Apart from this maintaining a healthy lifestyle also plays an important part, one should drink plenty of water, include greens, nuts and fruits in their diet and have a healthy sleep pattern.

These simple routines would help the skin feel refreshed. Thus leaving the soft supple and helps in maintaining it’s natural glow.