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The process of ageing makes us focus on treating the signs of ageing and we tend to give face the most attention as most of the prominent signs are visible to us on daily basis. For which we use anti-ageing creams serums sunscreen’s masks etc. Just because ageing is not evidently visible on other parts of the body we tend to ignore them, and these parts tend to age faster without catching our attention.

Let’s pay more attention and treat and pamper eyes, neck and hands as in the long run these would be the parts that would give away your age.

Eyes as they are prominent feature of the face, this area really makes one look old if the ageing signs appear.

Loss of elasticity giving rise to visible wrinkles called Crow’s Feet around the eyes,deep sunken eyes due to loss of fat and hydration caused by the reduction of Hyaluronic acid in the skin, under eye discoloration or dark circles caused by dehydration, strained eyes, thyroid, anemia etc. All the signs eventually give age to your face. To deal with these signs we need to use eye creams some of these products are indication specific and there are also general eye creams that can be used as an preventive measure. So when one applies a cream for the face make sure you have a eye cream to apply too.

Neck this area is just as likely to show signs of aging as your face is and sometimes more. These signs show up in the form of loose skin, wrinkles, dry skin and discolored patches.

These signs can be prevented or pushed back by a few years by using a moisturizer and sunscreen on daily basis. One can also use a neck cream which is specifically made to cover all concerns appearing in this area.

Hands can give away your age, with ageing they tend to dry due to which the skin forms wrinkles and age spots also appear at a later stage.

Hence hands need a lot of moisturizing, use a hands cream on daily basis preferably post washing your hands with soap/ hand wash. Also use a sunscreen regularly as hands is an exposed part of the body, this will avoid age spots and give a healthy look to your hands.

Take care of other parts of your Body before they start screaming AGE !!!!