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Hair care is a tough especially when there are so many shampoos conditioners masks serums and many more hair care products available in the market. Generally in most of the house holds the lady of the house picks out the shampoo of her choice or one which is being sold in a scheme and that is put on the shelf which is then used by all the members of the family not knowing whether or not it is suitable for them. So how does one actually choose which is meant for their hair/scalp. Few tips on what to keep in mind while picking a shampoo. Apart from considering your hair eg: colored hair dry hair frizzy hair etc one should consider the scalp eg: like shampoos for oily or dry scalp.

Color treated, chemically damaged and dry frizzy hair should opt for sulphate free shampoos as they are more kind on the hair. One may need more washes with such shampoos to make the hair feel squeaky clean.

Shampoos sold over the shelves have a lot of ingredients in them hence try and pick ones with minimal ingredients in it.

Easiest way is to approach a good Stylist or your stylist as they would advice you what is the requirement for your hair and scalp and they would also be able to suggest a couple of brands.

Don’t be afraid to change brands or shampoos infact one shud opt change as every 3/4 months as the weather changes and so does the scalp condition hence it is always preferable to change as per seasons, summer makes the scalp oily whereas the same scalp tends to become normal or dry in winters, hence a change is suggested.

Dandruff being a scalp condition would require a specific treatment shampoo which could be suggested by a hair stylist or if the case is severe then intervention of a Dermatologist becomes essential.

Have a clarifying shampoo on your shelf is also essential because once in a while a deep cleaning of the scalp is needed.

Always remember the hair quality and the scalp condition changes with seasons, lifestyle, health and water conditions hence if the shampoo that you commonly use is losing its efficacy look for a change, one can always go back to their choice whenever they feel so.

Use the above tips to make your choice easier.