International Cidesco PG Diploma in Bridal Media Makeup Artist Course

CIDESCO Diploma In Media Makeup

CIDESCO Diploma In Media Makeup

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Media Makeup

CIDESCO Diploma In Media Makeup


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Transforming faces, elevating beauty: Achieve excellence with CIDESCO Diploma in Media Makeup.

We provide candidates with the required knowledge and information to enable them to be effectively employed as competent and confident make-up artists in the field of media make-up. This Media Make-up course is a complete training program which does not require the student to have any previous make-up knowledge. 
Just as art doesn’t have any barriers, being an international makeup artist will open multiple opportunities in makeup studios, media houses and even freelancing worldwide to spread your skill. Students are required to complete 310 hours of training in IICA center.

Course Content

Students must undergo a course of at least 1200 hours of Guided Learning (GL) to achieve the full qualification.

International and National Makeup Knowledge

Make-Up Terminology and Trends
History Of Make-Up and Its Development
Different Types of Make-Up
New Technologies
The Make-Up Industry
Latest Research


Client Psychology
Professional Conduct
Professional Development

Operations and Quality Control

Hygiene (Personal and Professional)
Occupational Health and Safety
Make-Up Environmental Awareness

Theoretical Compulsory Training

Face Anatomy and Physiology
Dermatology – Common Diseases and Disorders
Basic Cosmetic Chemistry
Terminology Used in The Make-Up Industry
Product Knowledge and Skincare
Face And Skin Analysis for Make-Up
Colour And Light Studies
Working With Make-Up Artist’s Tools
Make-Up Techniques – Introduction
Fashion History

Practical Compulsory Training

Product Knowledge and Skin Care
Face And Skin Analysis for Make-Up
Colour And Light Studies
Make-Up Techniques
Different Types of Make-Up

Public Relations and Marketing

Customer Service
Public Relations and Marketing
Sales Techniques

Commercial Studies/Business Studies

Forms Of Business
Financial Considerations
Types Of Employment
Legal Considerations When Setting Up A Business
Stock Control


Take the first step to success with our 1200 Hours course.

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