International Accreditation Cidesco Beauty Therapy and Body Therapy Diploma Course

CIDESCO Diploma In Beauty Therapy

CIDESCO Diploma In Beauty Therapy

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Diploma In Beauty Therapy

CIDESCO Diploma In Beauty Therapy


MBBS, BDS doctors. Participants have to submit a copy of a permanent or provisional medical registration certificate.
Unleash Your Inner Beauty Expert with a CIDESCO Diploma in Beauty Therapy..

The CIDESCO diploma course at IICA provides a quick and rewarding path to thriving careers in the beauty industry. Widely recognized as the most esteemed qualification in aesthetics and beauty therapy, CIDESCO is globally renowned for its prestige. Our program delivers top-notch beauty education with a strong emphasis on practical experience working with real clients, guided by expert trainers with years of experience in the salon industry. We provide a well-rounded education with a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice.

Course Content

Students must undergo a course of at least 1200 hours of Guided Learning (GL) to achieve the full qualification.

Natural Sciences, Chemistry and Physics

Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, pH Scale.
Electricity – Effects on the body.
Knowledge and understanding of applicable currents.
Precautions in use of electricity.

Anatomy and Physiology

Cells and Tissues
Body Systems including Myology

Skin / Dermatology Hygiene and First Aid

Public and Personal Hygiene
Microbiology / Bacteriology
Methods of Sanitisation and Sterilisation
Infection / Cross Infection

Aesthetic Treatments – Practical and Theory as Shown In The Syllabus

Skin Care, Consultation, Treatment procedures, Deep Cleansing, Facial Massage, and Mask Therapy.
Facial Electrotherapy including Galvanic current, High Frequency, Electrical muscle stimulation (Faradic type), Microcurrent, Steam and ozone, Brush cleanse, Vacuum Suction.
Body analysis, Body Massage, Body Therapy manual techniques
Body Electrical Treatments, Heat Treatments, Ultraviolet and Infra-Red Light Therapy
Hair Removal
Ancillary Services: Eyebrow shaping, Eyelash and brow tinting, Bleaching of face and body hair
Manicure and Pedicure – Nail Care, Hand, and Foot Treatments

Other Topics

Cosmetic Products / Cosmetic Science (Basic)
Cosmetic Surgery (Basic General Knowledge)
Nutrition / Diet
Professional Ethics
Occupational Health and Safety
Commercial Studies / Business Studies / Retail
Client Interaction Sessions / Case Histories Included


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