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Basic Beauty Course

Basic Beauty Course

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Diploma In Beauty Therapy

Basic Beauty Course


No prior level of educational qualification required to enrol basic beauty course to become a Beautician.
Unlock the Secrets of Beauty: A Beginner’s Guide to Basic Beauty Techniques..

Acquire knowledge of basic beauty therapy treatments and develop the skills to perform them to a high standard. Learn the fundamentals of the beauty therapist role, enabling you to work independently in any salon. Course is designed to teach you the essential techniques and skills required to create a flawless beauty look. Whether you’re a beginner or someone who wants to refresh their beauty knowledge, this course will provide you with the necessary foundation to achieve a perfect makeup application.

The course is delivered through a mix of theory and practical sessions, with hands-on demonstrations and interactive activities. You’ll receive expert guidance from experienced beauty professionals who will share their insider tips and tricks to help you master the techniques.

Course Content

This training program covers various essential aspects of the beauty and wellness industry, including health and safety, anatomy and physiology of the skin, product knowledge, contraindications, aftercare advice, soft skills in client care and communication, upselling and cross-selling, as well as interpersonal skills.


Waxing using various types of wax and threading for eyebrow shaping and superfluous hair removal.


Spa Manicure-Pedicure, Winter special manicure-pedicure, and Crack heel treatment.

Bleach facials

Service for skin whitening and brightening.

Facial services

Clean-up, Basic facial, Dry skin facial, Thermal mask facial, Deep cleansing facials, Anti-Aging facial, Nourishing Paraffin wax facial, and Fruit facial, with the application of special masks.

Personal Make-up/Hair up-do

Correct shade selection for foundation, concealing blemishes, enhancing eyes, beautifying lips, and accentuating cheeks for an overall photogenic look.


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