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International Institute of Cosmetology and Aesthetics (IICA) Accredited by CIDESCO

A Journey from Aspirations to Accomplishments

IICA is an educational institution with professionals from the Cosmetology and Aesthetics industry to help students unleash their Creative Spirit and Pursue their Dreams with rewarding careers. We are CIDESCO accredited institute and provide diploma certification courses which are recognized at national and international levels.

  • CIDESCO International – Media Makeup Diploma
  • CIDESCO International – Diploma in Beauty & Body Therapy
  • CIDESCO International – Diploma in Aesthetics
  • IICA Certified Diploma in Basic / Advance Beaty Courses
  • IICA Certified Diploma in Basic / Advance Hair Courses
  • IICA Certified Diploma in Aesthetics and Medicine Aesthetics

Our Mission

  • Providing inspirational, creative, and innovative teaching to encourage students to apply relevant knowledge in cosmetology and aesthetics to develop their skills.
  • Maintaining world-class standards and expertise in the beauty profession to ensure mastery and professional growth.
  • Developing a comprehensive curriculum aligned with international courses like- CIDESCO and national norms for education.
  • Nurturing passion for the industry with technical guidance and support, including mentoring and upskilling the underprivileged sector for self-sufficiency.
  • Leading the industry as a provider of high-quality hair and beauty knowledge, skills training, and qualifications in India, partnering with globally recognized awarding bodies and brands to deliver international best practices.
  • Empowering students through knowledge and exceptional skills, inspiring and transforming their lives with confidence, while creating an inclusive beauty community that supports, inspires, and empowers a diverse range of beauty and wellness enthusiasts.

Our Vision

  • Imparting ethical education that fosters valuable knowledge and skills in the beauty and cosmetology industry to create competent professionals.
  • Delivering cutting-edge pedagogical techniques and a comprehensive range of courses in the beauty and cosmetology disciplines.
  • Nurturing and guiding potential innovators and creatives in the global aesthetic and cosmetology sector.
  • Recognizing and honing the technical abilities of talented individuals, paving the way for a successful career in cosmetology.
  • Establishing unparalleled benchmarks in the makeup industry through top-notch education, facilitating skill development and productivity in tandem with contemporary industry norms.

“Discover the Vision and Expertise Behind Our Premier Cosmetology and Aesthetics Institute”

Ms. Chandni Dey

IICA is an accredited educational institution that offers comprehensive training in cosmetology and esthetics led by experienced professionals. Our goal is to foster a creative and stimulating learning environment that encourages students to reach their full potential and pursue gratifying careers in the field.

Ms. Chandini Dey an entrepreneur, a media personality and a FOUNDER of IICA saw tremendous possibilities and a bright future in the beauty industry. Foreseeing this, she was inspired to establish herself in the field of Vocational Education, hence IICA was Established. She has been successfully running a business of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Clinics in Mumbai under the name of BBHAC Clinic Private Limited. She has the dream to open its branches in Pan India and IICA is on the path of it with its branches in BHOPAL/INDORE/SHILLONG and SILCHAR

Experience is our greatest asset that Fuels Our Renowned Cosmetology and Aesthetics Institute

Mr. R. N. Pimple

An MBA graduate – a visionary – a self made creative man, who started his entrepreneurial journey in 1982, by providing professional security services.

Mr RN Pimple blends being professional, humane, humble, large hearted so effortlessly. He seamlessly weaves it into a single persona who expects results. He is a true nationalist, social and human right activist to the core. He has an intense passion for film making. He has written a few serials and produced documentaries on social themes. He is a hodophile, having travelled to over 40 countries of Europe and Asia. The truth of his character is expressed in his every day actions.

A loving father, a caring brother, mentor, friend, philosopher and a guide to us all CISS Services Ltd employees.

Even when people leave the company for personal growth Mr RN Pimple assists and handhold their start-up. He actively supports them by transferring his own business accounts to them. Generosity so rare; indeed worth emulating.

Empowering Success, Inspiring Excellence through Effective Management.

Shilpa Maleyvar

National Business Development Head

Shilpa Malyevar, a meticulous and ambitious cosmetologist, has spent the past 24 years exploring new verticals in the beauty and wellness industry. Known for her enigmatic and innovative approaches, she has established herself as a keen multi-tasker, constantly seeking to make her benchmark in the industry.
With a deep understanding of both the technical and managerial aspects of the business, She excels in creative problem-solving, Training & Development & dynamic approach to meet the demanding and challenging requirements of modern makeover needs.

Shilpa’s success mantra is “Follow your Passion”. She strongly believes in that & follows her passion into Education & completed Diploma in Beauty Culture & Hair dressing from Women’s Technical Education & research Institute, Nagpur. She Graduated in Bharatnatyam Dance from Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidhalaya Mumbai, . She begins her career at Dance school & later focused in Beauty & wellness sector. She develops the concept of Mentor- Pupil relationship & took it forward to the next level in the area of beauty & wellness industry.
Through her extensive experience, accolades, and continuous dedication to her craft, Shilpa Malyevar has made significant contributions to the beauty and wellness industry.

Our Institute Head

Guiding Success, Nurturing Growth: Your Pathway to Excellence.

Deepti Singh

Centre Head (Bhopal)

Deepali (Tiwari) Panchariya

Centre Head (Indore)

Ms. Deepshikha

Area Head (North East)

Our Technical Experts

Guiding Success, Nurturing Growth: Your Pathway to Excellence.

Dr. Dhyanesh Mhatre

Medical Aesthetic Consultant (Mumbai)

Ms. Purvanshi Thakur

Area Technical Head

Dr. Sheryl Thakur

Medical Aesthetic Trainer
CIDESCO Certified

Our Expert Trainers

Our faculty and instructors are extensively experienced and possess CIDESCO qualifications.

Ms. Himani Patel

Skin Trainer (Indore)

Ms. Sonal Dilwariya

Aesthetic / Skin Trainer (Bhopal)

Ms Priyanka Kashyup

Skin / Aesthetic Trainer (Bhopal)
CIDESCO Certified

Ms. Ridalyne Mary Thabah

Skin Trainer (Shillong)

Mr. Vishal Rao

Hair Trainer (Bhopal)

Ms. Regainful Jyrwa

Hair Trainer (Shillong)

Ms.Tripti Kadam

Hair Trainer (Indore)

Ms. Kajal Dwivedi

Makeup Trainer (Bhopal)
CIDESCO Certified

Ms. Kartika Gaur

Makeup Trainer (Indore)
CIDESCO Certified

Ms. Wendy Dkhar

Makeup Trainer (Shillong)

Ms. Sangsmita Nath Mazarbhuiya

Makeup Trainer (Silchar)

Our Coordinators

Our faculty and instructors are extensively experienced and possess CIDESCO qualifications.

Mr. Harsh Sharma

Academic Admin
CIDESCO Certified

Ms. Eucipledia Laloo


Ms. Archana Rao

Front Desk Officer